Jalapeno Black Bean Hummus

Jalapeno Black Bean Hummus is great with lentil chips (as shown – yum) or as a topping for a burrito or taco bowl. I’m also enjoying it this week spread on homemade bread and topped with avocado and a sprinkling of hemp seeds.

Vegan Buttermilk Breakfast Cookies

vegan breakfast cookies with fruit and nuts

I’m a creature of breakfast habit. I have the same thing every morning (that’s toast, if you were curious).

Recently I’ve decided to switch it up a bit and try new things. I’ve discovered that I absolutely loathe oatmeal. It doesn’t keep me full and I really dislike the texture, even though I love oatmeal cookies. Am I the only plant-based person in the world that doesn’t like oatmeal? Sometimes it feels like it.

Ingredients to Watch Out for as a New Vegan

The grocery store can be a scary place for a new vegan. Sometimes it’s not always obvious whether a product contains animal products or not. If it’s just bread, it should be safe, right? Sadly this is not always the case and animal-derived products can show up on the ingredients list under names you wouldn’t expect.

Next time you’re at the store, watch out for these sneaky ingredients. Where they appear may surprise you.

How to Save Money as a Cold-Climate Vegan

fresh vegetables

I’m always surprised when people tell me that it costs more money to be vegan than to be a meat-eater. Most plant-based people (including us) eat some of the cheapest items on the market on a regular basis: beans, rice, and vegetables. Living in a cold climate makes it a bit difficult to grow a lot of your own food so most of us have to rely on grocery stores and imported produce for much of the year.